Tuve plant is located in Gothenburg close to the Volvo Group Headquarters. Our most important mission is to deliver trucks of high quality delivered on time to our customers. Our great employees contribute daily to our customers’ success.

At the Tuve plant Volvo FH 16, Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX are built on two shifts. We also produce frames not only for ourselves but also to Gent, Kaluga and our KD-plants (assembly plants).

Within our plant we also have a cab trim line on a two shift where we trim the cabs that are sent to us from the Ume? plant.? We also have a CKD organization (CKD=completely knocked down), that pack trucks in pieces which then are sent to our KD-plants in mainly Asia.

Within Tuve plant we also have a Customer adaptation organization due to the fact that 60 % of the trucks we build need to be adapted to our customers’ needs.

Tuve plant is certified according to Quality ISO 9001 and Environment ISO 14001 and we are CO2 neutral plant.

Short facts

Inaugurated 1982

Total surface: 117 500 m2

2,100 employees

34 nationalities

83 % men, 17 % women

Contact details

Norra Stenebyv?gen 5
S-417 45 G?teborg