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Diversity & Inclusion at Volvo Group

We are passionate about diversity at Volvo Group! Seriously, when we speak about passion as a?core value, we talk about how Volvo's diverse and inclusive work?environment ignites our passion. We are passionate about sharing ideas, passionate about discovering diverse perspectives and new cultures, passionate about?developing beyond our limited view of the world or of our own abilities.?

We create an environment where you can bring your true unique self to work every day. Because we know when each one of us gives our whole selves, we all receive?more. We boost our performance with better decision making and cutting-edge innovation. We are better at listening to and connecting with our diverse customer base.?

In order to continuously move the needle on diversity and inclusion, we provide leaders and employees the chance to master inclusive skills. We work to combat?unconscious bias impacts and we implement strategies to increase our diversity, to truly reflect the diverse world we operate in.

Diversity and inclusion areas - Where we strive for equality

Volvo Group cultures?

All Our Cultures?

We draw our strength from our wealth of diversity: over 130 different nationalities across 190?nations working together. Different customs,?different religions, different ethnic backgrounds.?As a global player, we pick up the weak signals?of new trends faster thanks to our diverse?networks. Tremendous energy, commitment and?passion come with our diverse perspectives.?They are essential to making smart decisions?and ultimately making our?company purpose?come true.??

gender-balanced culture at Volvo Group

Women & Men?

Consciously or unconsciously, gender defines how?we see ourselves and each other. We want a?gender-balanced culture, where grace and strength?live side by side. We want a mix of women and men?and non-binary people working together at all levels?of the company. We encourage flexibility so working?men can manage their home responsibilities, just as?women do. We create equitable leadership?development opportunities and strive for 35-50% of?each gender in all our teams.?

LGBTQ network at Volvo Group

Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity?

Among European industrial technology companies,?we are a pioneer. Our global V-EAGLE LGBTQ+?network was the first established in our sector 15?years ago. We are proud and bold about our?inclusion of lesbian, gay, bi, queer, trans, intersex,?(+) and straight employees. In the US we launched?same sex-couple recognition and equitable benefits?before any legal status was available.?We know that work life and personal life have more and more intersections, and we need to all be free to share who we are both in and out of work.?

Diverse abilities? at Volvo Group

Diverse Abilities?

The difference between disabilities and?diverse abilities is mindset. A growth mindset?means we value our unique abilities and that?diversity creates a tightly knit cooperative?team where each person contributes to the?collective in their unique way. We have a long?history of including unique and diverse?abilities in our operations, especially in key?markets, and we are working to increase?focus in this area globally. Our latest?employee network was launched in Sweden?to support Diverse Abilities.?

Generations at Volvo Group


We have an amazing opportunity to draw ideas and?viewpoints from more generations than was ever?possible before in the workplace. Today 5 generations?work side by side in Volvo Group. We learn from?other people’s long experience, and we learn from?other people’s fresh perspective. Our Early Career?Networks help us promote intergenerational?connections and understanding. We value generational?diversity so much we even have a target of a?20 year?age spread in each team between youngest to eldest?member.??

Employee inclusion networks?

Employee Inclusion Networks?

We channel our passion for inclusion into our?employee networks. These resource groups?give a voice to key diversity threads and?engage the majority as allies to build a more?inclusive Volvo Group. We have networks?across the globe supporting: Women and?Gender balance, Generational, LGBTQ+, and?Multicultural inclusion as well as Diverse?Abilities. Our networks interact with leaders?and employees to deepen understanding of?these key topics.

Volvo Group is truly global

Volvo Group is truly global:

  • Employs about 100 000 employees
  • Approximately 130 nationalities working within the company
  • Serves customers in more than 190 markets

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Gender distribution of all employees at Volvo Group

Gender distribution of all employees

Gender distribution of managers at Volvo Group

Gender distribution of managers

Distribution of work roles at Volvo Group

Distribution of work roles

Diversity & inclusion in action – stories from the organization

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Volvo Group values

Our Values

Our values serve as a guide to our day to day behavior. They shape how we interact with each other, with our customers and with society as a whole. They drive our decisions at all levels of the organization. ?Our values express our shared beliefs across regions and entities.

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Volvo Group career development

Career development

Do you dream big? We do too and will help you reach your career development goals. When joining Volvo Group, more than a job you get a career and the freedom to be who you want to be.

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