Kina Wileke

Kina Wileke
Executive Vice President Group Communication


Born 1974.?M.A. in journalism

Responsible for Group Communications since 2018. With the Volvo Group since 2008, most recently as Senior Vice President Brand, Communication & Marketing Volvo Penta 2016-2017, Senior Vice President External Corporate Communication Volvo Group 2012-2016 and CEO Communication Volvo Group 2008-2012. Has held a number of positions in TV4 Group 1998-2008.

Member of the Group Executive Board since 2018.

Board Member

Handelsbanken Regionbanken V?stra Sverige.
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Sweden.

Holdings in Volvo, own and related parties?as per?March 8, 2019

344 Series A shares,?10,429 Series B shares.

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